SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Decision Tree

I love it when the community comes together.  You can see the twitter discussion with Todd Klindt, Rick Taylor and Benjamin Athawes (on his blog) that resulted in a few different decision trees to help us better discuss the recommendations of In Place Upgrade vs. Database attach and really one of my favorites, the hybrid.  In this recommendation decision tree, you’ll I rarely recommend in place without combining with database attach to mitigate the risks of full disk and other issues not captured by preupgrade check or in the prerequiste assessments such as SQL related patching issues.  The only case is in the smallest of deployments where people are using the basic install which I don’t recommend anyway.

Love to get your feedback on this.  I threw in the Third party migration & tools as a bonus.  Some people wonder how it fits in.

You can grab the PDF: SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Decision Tree

If you want to discuss the Visio then you can find me on twitter @joeloleson



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