SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Insight Series

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Can you tell I’ve been focused on SharePoint 2010 upgrade lately?  I wanted to recap some of those posts for easy access.  I’m doing some lectures/sessions at SPTechCon in a 2 part series on SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and needed to gather together some of the the top resources.  I’ve put a list of my recently authored blog posts below.  As well I’ve gathered some resources across TechNet and in the community and posted those on an updated post on my old blog in a post titled “SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Key Resources

Blogs: SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Resources on


Article: Preparing for SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Today – Key thoughts and talking points around planning for Upgrade to SharePoint 2010

TechNet Download: Upgrade Approaches Poster in PDF, VSD, XPS

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Resource Centers

Just in case you were wondering… Yes, there’s more. 

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