Select Training opportunities to fit in before the end of the year

Some of you may be looking to bone up on some skills for more than one reason…  whether it’s budget that will be surrendered at the end of the year, holiday slow downs that provide opportunity (I know some companies that actually suspend any change control activity during the month of December), or if it’s simply a good time to take your skills to the next level to show your company that you’re committed and one of the ones they should retain.

I’ve spent some time recently with Todd in a consulting engagement, and Shane co-presenting earlier in the week on Governance.  Also lots of good casual conversations with Nicola.

Ted Pattison Group Training Courses

Todd and Shane Show (12/8 to 12/12) "SharePoint Administrators Survival Camp" So Todd Klindt and Shane Young are teaming up to co-present SharePoint Admin Training (* Based on Shane’s Admin Training +the best of Todd Klindt from his world wide presentations, and even some of my decks incorporated).  Since you’ve got two of the most experienced hands on IT Pro MVPs, you’re sure to get training unlike any other, with depth and breadth you won’t find elsewhere.  With Todd and Shane you’re getting Sr Consultants and Architects (minus the dev) who don’t just speak it, they know it.

Business Users Guide to Sharepoint 2007 – Nicola Young… This is the class I recommend you send your stakeholders to.  If you want them to get on board the SharePoint train.  This one will help them see the vision and get a first look as well as learn the basics on how it applies to the business.

SharePoint Planning and Governance – John Ross (MVP) and co author of the courseware is teaching this one.  Governance and planning have never been more important.

Be sure to tell them Joel sent you, and tell them you want the "Joel" best rate.  This will ensure you get any and all discounts.


Microsoft Certified Master: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (February 9–28, 2009, April 13–May 2, 2009) For my own selfish reasons I want to see the people who already have their certs and looking to make themselves completely recession proof.  This is a 99% guaranteed way to do it.  I’ll also want your autograph and to be your friend when you get your cert. 🙂  I realize this stretches past the next year, but you have to start early in your planning for 3 weeks.  Also if you sign up.  Please let me know, I’m curious how deep the class is.  I really have quite a few questions about this one.

FREE Webinar

Upcoming Webinar- The Myths & Truths of Email Management with SharePoint – Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 11:00 AM EST (1 hour plus Q&A), (me) Joel Oleson, SharePoint Sr. Architect, Consultant, Quest Software & Speaker and Host: Barry Jinks, President & CEO, Colligo Networks Inc. 

Quick Note on SharePoint Training

I like to tell people that they should look for trainers with *real* experience.  I do occasionally complain about the MOC courses based on people with book smarts.  Make sure anything you sign up for you’re looking for SharePoint MVPs or something that sets them apart (like real world experience).  Some companies advertise their MVPs and sign you up with someone else, so be sure to do a background check :). 

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