Office 14 and Office 14 Web Applications on SharePoint!

Thanks Takeshi, great Office 14 demos.

During PDC what we saw…

Three Platforms for Office 14: 1) Client 2) Mobile 3) Web

First demo:

OneNote 14 client to OneNote 14 web application auto updated across (Multi User editing and auto update)

A third device out in the crowd updated the others with OneNote 14 Mobile (Phone)


2nd Demo: Word 14 to Word 14 Multi User editing

Word web application with ribbon and rich editing



3rd Demo: Excel 14 web application opened with constent experience IE and Firefox including rich visualizations. (see screenshot below of client and web UI)

Then it showed a blog pulling in the data from the web based Excel 14 application in a chart.

Exciting STUFF!!! 

Channel 9 Video Office 14 First Look

Want more?  Check out Channel9 for ondemand viewing…

"Wouldn’t it be cool if all the Office applications worked online, cross-browser from anywhere with AJAX and/or Silverlight? Or maybe even from your cellphone? What would be even better is if they had real time collaboration, integrating the rich client with the web clients. Well, wish no more because all of the above is going to be a part of the next Office Suite.

Want to see how it works? Check out this visit from Antoine Leblong, Senior VP of Office Productivity Apps. "

Here’s the Office 14 First Look demos launched this morning at 2am.

A few features mentioned in the Channel9 Video… (including a mention of a limited technical by the end of calendar year)

1. Powerpoints embedded in blogs

2. "Perfect" fidelity viewing on the web (examples: Word Layout, Excel Calculations, Powerpoint viewing)

3. Multiple ways to get the web application versions – Consumers through Office Online, Business Customers through Hosted Services and as part of Volume Licensing ON SHAREPOINT IN THE ENTERPRISE (That’s the key word we were looking for!)

4. Word Web Application uses Silverlight to render the document (zoom is example in the video)

5. Multi editing in Word within the same document.  Partial locking.  Locking of a paragraph in the same doc.

6. Excel visualizations in client, web application client service, and cross browser fidelity.

Diagram: Client and Firefox version of Excel Web Application side by side.


More as more becomes available:

Seattle Times: PDC: Microsoft to sell Office as a Web service, competing with Google Docs


Office Browser Based Web Applications Clear Screenshot Images

Interview of Takeshi and Quotes from Chris Capposella (VP) by E-week.Chris Capossela, senior vice president of the Microsoft Business Division, said:

“We’re announcing that as part of the next release of Office, Microsoft will provide Office Web applications—lightweight versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote—delivered through the browser. With these new applications people will now be able to create, edit and collaborate on Office documents through the browser. What’s great is this provides a consistent Office experience when and where our customers want it most regardless of whether they are accessing their Office documents through the PC, phone or browser.”

Microsoft is “on a path to deliver all our technology as software and services—and today is an important milestone in this journey,” Capossela said.

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