Yammer and SharePoint Integration Roadmap Update Notes

I took some notes during Karuana’s talk at SPTechcon that I wanted to share.

While Karuana may not have intended to “announce” new planned features, I found a few of the details to be great clarifications that help provide additional details on the roadmaps I’ve seen publicly.  With a focus on SharePoint and Office365, these details aren’t all found on the success.yammer.com roadmap.

Office365 and Yammer Integration

1. Yammer to Office365 SkyDrive Pro – Uploading files into yammer puts them in your SkyDrive Pro with Yammer integration.

2. Yammer to Skype Integration – Video Chat

3. Office Web Apps in Yammer – View and Edit documents in Yammer

4. DL to Yammer group migration – Distribution list migration and support inside of yammer.

5. Social Calendars – Group + Events Calendar

6. App Strategy – right now Yammer has it’s own apps, and so does SharePoint

7. Social SDK – Support for an updated software development kit

8. Community Integration – SharePoint Communities and group integration

9. New User Experience – a more united Yammer and Office 365 unified experience

10. Document Conversations – Yammer as the conversation engine for documents

Microsoft has been marching against the Roadmap shared with the community.  Here are a few things that have been delivered recently.

1. Option to replace Newsfeed link with Yammer

2. Yammer App for SharePoint 2013

3. Guidance for On Premise Customers

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