Gamification Strategies to Increase Adoption in SharePoint: Recording and Slides

I recently joined Badgeville in a free online webinar talking about Adoption and Gamification Strategies.  In the webcast there were a number of dynamic polls.  With over 300 people on the webinar the statistics were incredibly relevant.  I wanted to share a few of those and provide a link to view the recording or download my slides.

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Here’s a link from the attendee email:

“Thank you for your interest in today’s Sharpen Your SharePoint with Gamification webinar. If you were unable to join the Webinar or wish to share the recorded version with your colleagues, you can access the complete session recording here.

You may also be interested in our next Webinar featuring guests from Forrester Research on August 21st on the topic of driving hard dollar ROI gamification.  You can register for that Webinar here.

If you have any questions or would like to see a live Badgeville demo, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll connect you with the right person here.”

What you didn’t hear on the Webinar is that we at Salient6 are working on features for the next version and can give customers a sneak peak into what’s coming up.  Feel free to contact me at joel.oleson

Also willing to help anyone looking to Gamify SharePoint!

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SharePoint and Office 365 MVP Office Apps and Services + RD and Former Microsoft Product Manager at Microsoft and original Architect of the first version of SharePoint Online... Joel is a Technology Evangelist who loves to travel. He lives in Oceanside California. Currently a Free Agent... find me on linked in. He frequently Speaks at conferences, delivers webinars, and helps customers with their strategy and adoption.

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  1. I received a 404 when clicking on a few links in this post. I would very much like to view the slide deck and webinar.

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