10 Things You Didn’t Know About Office Mobile

Office Mobile is Amazing

<Updated 4.12.2018>

Many may think that the new Office Mobile App for iPhone or Android as something they don’t need or care for.

Here are a list of 10 Things you didn’t know about Office Mobile

1. Office Mobile Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote supports multi user editing simultaneously with other desktop users.

2. The Native experience in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Mobile is now super rich for both read and write and you shouldn’t be afraid of using it.

3. There’s some real powerful functions in Excel Mobile that are available by clicking the Fx button.

4. Excel Mobile supports creating new Charts on iPhone

5. Office Mobile Licensing has been getting increasingly supportive for non Office 365 users, There are very few things you can’t do.

6. Many of the latest SharePoint experiences such as Communication sites, and News are responsive by default even though there is an app experience.

7. Office Mobile works with Multi Factor Authentication integration with Okta and Duo

8. OneDrive on Demand Supports both OneDrive for Business and Personal

9. You can manage password policies and variety of other things for most Office Mobile Applications with Intune WITHOUT ENROLLMENT!

10. Office Lens has been integrated right into the OneDrive mobile App.


Office Mobile Apps have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times across Android and iOS and are some of the top 10 mobile apps ever!


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