SharePoint Dia El Salvador

Wanted to reach out to the El Salvador Community to let them know about the free event in San Salvador.  This is my last stop in Central Americano, and Spanish Speaking SharePoint community until the Iberian SharePoint Conference.  The Costa Rica event and SharePoint Saturday Nicaragua went really well and hope to blog about those events when I get back.

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Quería llegar a la Comunidad El Salvador para darles a conocer el evento gratuito en San Salvador. Esta es mi última parada en América Latina, y la comunidad de habla española SharePoint hasta que la Conferencia Ibérica de SharePoint.

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SharePoint Days El Salvador

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Joel Oleson

I LOVE traveling our little planet. In my quest to visit every country in the world I've got about 35 UN countries left! I'm not just country hopping, but looking for the most immersive cultural experiences and capturing them as photos and videos. Yes, I'm also a geek. I've been recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director, a community leadership award. When not traveling, I'm in paradise in sunny southern California as I'm a Senior IT Manager at Blizzard Entertainment.

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