Dubai SharePoint #STPAfrica Kick Off

Sharing the Point Africa begins this week, and we’re kicking it off on a stopover in Dubai. Thanks to the help of Mai Omar Desouki, Salman Ahmad, and Baraah M Omari. A facebook event "Kick-off meeting for Sharing The Point in Africa is coming to Dubai" has been created to gather interest in the event.

Many of us will have been traveling for 17 hours at that point, so I hope you have patience with us. At this point we plan to gather at the Burj Khalifa fountain and take some community pictures, and photos and then some of us will take a little tour and join the greater community for dinner and conversation. The details are still coming together and I’ll be updating this post, but the Facebook event will be where Mai will be providing updates. This is the first time a few of the people in our group have ever been to UAE and many the closest they’ve ever been to the Middle East. It should make for some fascinating conversations.

If you want to join us on the tower you can schedule tickets for the Thursday 9:30 PM reservation.

Enjoy the evening with some of your favorite SharePoint Community leaders and speakers.

Michael Noel,
Mark Miller,
Eric Harlan,
Paul J. Swider,
Joel Oleson,
John Anderson

See you there,


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