The SharePoint on Yammer Social Experiment Continues with Early Success #SPYAM

If I had to make predictions I would have said we would have a good crowd using Yammer. It’s been exceeding my expectations. At the end of day 2 we have more than 350 invites with 245 participating. This network is active. At work I’m in a network of around 2000 and the richest thread is around 70-80 replies. I’m seeing that happening easily by the end of the week. Can you believe we are getting nearly 50% or more participation? Those numbers are unheard of!

If you look at our SharePoint Yammer early adopter group you’ll notice that we have a lot of first timers, and then a group who have really loved it, and then those who are giving it a second chance.

(Image was an early community contribution by Dan Kreitz, MBA, MCITP, SharePoint Administrator, Business Analyst)


I’ve been more liberal in the invitations based on the great conversations that are happening. We have already had some challenges…

  • How do we manage group creation?
  • What about people who want to speculate about SharePoint 15/2013?
  • I’m confused… What’s the difference between Yammer and SharePoint on Yammer Communities?
  • Some users have created 2nd accounts. It’s better to use your corporate credentials so you end up with single sign on across communities.

Join us:

SharePoint Community on Yammer (request an invite)


Yammer Community on Yammer (open invitations)


The YamJam will be happening next Monday. I’ve decided we should have it happening on both of the platforms mentioned above. If you sign up for the YamJam at EventBrite, we’ll send you a reminder, otherwise join us on either Yammer network at 10-11am Pacific!

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