Managing Visual Upgrade in SharePoint 2010

If you have a custom Master Page, you won’t see visual upgrade in the drop down.

There are two ways of getting there otherwise…

  1. Site Actions | Site Settings, then click Title, description, and icon under Look and Feel.
  2. Another option is to simply append /_layouts/prjsetng.aspx to the end of your site collection or site URL. You can also go into site settings


What if I a user performed the visual upgrade skipped the preview and chose Update the user interface and it broke a bunch of things, and now I don’t see the link, because it’s gone!

For these scripts you can save them as whatever.ps1 and you can execute them by adding adding the . to execute. Such as " .whatever.ps1" For some reason it brings me back to my Unix days.

Powershell Script to Undo the Visual Upgrade:

$Web=Get-SPWeb http://<site&gt;





Powershell Script to Display sites upgraded:

Now you want to know which sites have been visually upgraded. Thanks to Michael Doyle for sharing this script (replace <site> with your web app URL):

$web = Get-SPWeb "http://<site>&quot;

foreach($subweb in $web.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())


write-host "Site:" $subweb.Title " Version:" $subweb.UIVersion

foreach($subweb2 in $subweb.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())


write-host " Site:" $subweb2.Title " Version:" $subweb2.UIVersion

foreach($subweb3 in $subweb2.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())


write-host " Site:" $subweb3.Title " Version:" $subweb3.UIVersion

foreach($subweb4 in $subweb3.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())


write-host " Site:" $subweb4.Title " Version:" $subweb4.UIVersion






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