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I’ve been working with and watching the End User SharePoint model.  While I don’t get a ton out of all of the end user articles, I do find his model is working awesome and occasionally I’m very fascinated in the creativity that’s going on with the various contributors.

I personally have been able to monetize the blog to help cover some of my SharePoint user group and SharePoint Saturday and community travel which has been awesome.  My next example of this is Portugal and Norway… User Groups I plan to visit in late Sep/early Oct.  What I’ve found is well is some times Teched’s around the world can’t offer the plane ticket and occasionally I can convince Quest to cover the travel, but as was the case in India last year I had to fill the gaps, and the sponsorships came through to help.  I hope and expect that no one is really bothered by the sponsored SharePoint ads or the occasional promotion of a webcast or event.  I figure all that stuff is still good for the community as well.  You’ll note that I’ve gone out of my way to get rid of Google Ads in our community.  There’s a lot of FUD in Google ads for the term SharePoint that makes it stink.  If you see google ads on a SharePoint site, let them know there are much better alternatives.  Even an Amazon link to SharePoint books is much, much better.

So here’s the plan.

I am looking for smart and interesting IT Pro focused bloggers to join up with me on my quest to train and inform the community.  I’ll be blogging in the same way I have been with a couple of small changes. 

  • I will be joining up with top SharePoint IT bloggers to create the a big conglomerate of SharePoint IT bloggers making it even easier to find the best content.  You could say I’ve learned a few things from Mark Miller’s model of sharing the spotlight.  If you’re reading this… This is a call out to the top SharePoint bloggers who are looking for a home.  Even if your blog isn’t highly rated, but you’re looking for a place to put some really good content.  We need to talk.  What I can guarantee is readers.  There’s more to come in this space, including the FULL SharePoint 2010 Server in a farm at FPWeb, but just want to start reaching out. Best way to reach me is by email joel.oleson @quest.com or DM me @joeloleson and we’ll move the conversation to email.  The first in this announcement is Richard Taylor and Mike Watson.  Will be great to have them as authors.
  • I will be creating a new blog focused on travel.  Michael Noel and I are on a quest to join the Travelers Century club an exclusive club for people who have visited 100 countries according to their rules.  I’m not far.  I’ll be at 74 by the end of the month and at least 80 by the end of the year. We want to see the world.  I have a ton of stories I want to share, but that could water down my SharePoint stuff… So why not a dedicated blog on SharePoint travel?  I’ll still have some of the highlights integrated in, but you’ll get more of the stories and recommendations.  One of my first stories will be on the crazy european escape from the Ashcloud and adventures with Tony Frankola, Michael Noel and Paul Swider across Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina & Serbia and that wild adventure that covered no less than 8 countries.  You’ll also get details on my deportation story from Iran.  That will be an exclusive.  Thanks to Rackspace for Hosting this on SharePoint Foundation 2010.  Obviously more to come here as well.

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