Ash Cloud Update: Croatia and the SharePoint Evolutions

Wow, what a crazy event that is.  Evolutions right?  Sounds like it’s been awesome.  I would totally be there and speaking today.  Wish I was there and had a way in, and way out. More on that.


Michael Noel, Me, Tony Frankola, Paul Swider in Sarajevo, Bosnia

My session is or was Making Your SharePoint Social in 10 Steps.  Not sure who is delivering it.  It’s about understanding that basically after you upgrade to SharePoint 2010 you’ve got some work to do to make sure you’ve activated the relevant services and so on to make sure you’re really not just in the same situation you were before.  It also points out that it takes proactive solutions to overcome Site Collection “silos” in SharePoint.  I really see SharePoint Social features as addressing common collaboration gaps that help unite and charge a SharePoint environment.

Here’s my deck on slideshare: Making SharePoint Social

  1. Make it Accessible – (not just VPN) think about remote employees… mobile access and over the internet
  2. Enable Good My Sites – There are bad deployments of mysites, there’s not explanation, no quota, and chaos.  Good My Site deployments have a clear vision and purpose… it’s not myspace.
  3. Build Rich Profiles – Good mysites have good profiles and good adoption/training info and possibly even some branding and external HR sources.  User Hierarchy is pretty key in 2010.
  4. Relevant Enterprise Search –
  5. Use Blogs & Wikis
  6. Integrate for Presence
  7. Build Discovery Navigation including external sources
  8. Archive the Old
  9. Enable Enterprise Content Types & Tagging & Ratings (Service App)
  10. Relevant Sticky Site Content

My flight to Europe started with a stopover in London, I’d love to know how many hours the airspace closed behind me on my flight to Zagreb Croatia for SharePoint Conf Croatia. 

Where I spoke at a sold out SharePoint event.  Tony Frankola organized an impressive 130 person conference focused on SharePoint 2010.  I did the kickoff keynote session on SharePoint SharePoint 2010 Upgrade. 

Here’s the deck: SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Best Practices

Michael Noel and Paul Swider (SharePoint Evolutions speakers and TEC2010 speakers) were my speaking companions along with our expert guide Tony, on a whirlwind tour of the Balkans or Adriatic Region which we had planned to do on the weekend before SharePoint evolutions.


London –> Croatia –> Serbia – Romania – Serbia – Croatia – Bosnia – Croatia – Bosnia – Croatia – Monte Negro – Croatia – Bosnia – Croatia – Italy – San Marino – Italy – … hope to get to Spain Home…

SharePoint Balkan Pictures

Coming Home Soon??? Hopefully

I’ll give you more details on what happened and why we are in Rome and What happened to the flights in Dubrovnik when I get more time.  Off to track down options… Rome to Barcelona at 6:45pm tonight and Barcelona to Seattle via Philly tomorrow… wish me luck or pray!

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