Understanding Feature and Code Depreciation for Upgrade to SharePoint 2010

You hear about all the new features in SharePoint 2010, but what isn’t there?  I bet you haven’t had many of those discussions yet.  I think the news is better and I think the news is understandable.  When you look through the methods in a list like this, it can sometimes look overwhelming, but compared to older versions, this is much much smaller than previous.

There are a few notes to help you understand the deprecation from a developer perspective first, and then will discuss the features in the product.

Files listed on Code.MSDN. Useful for troubleshooting and being aware of how the API types and methods have changed.

SPS2010NewlyDeprecated.txt – A fairly short list of depreciated types and methods no longer supported in SharePoint 2010.

SPS2010Deprecated.txt documentation, 528K, uploaded Oct 28 2009 – 573 downloads

OfficeSharePointServer2007Deprecated.txt – to understand the API types and methods that were first deprecated in SharePoint 2007 including recommendations on many of them


Depreciated Features to be aware of in SharePoint 2010:

1. Performance Point as a separate product – Now baked in/Included in SharePoint 2010 Enterprise.

2. My Site Host Redesign – No visual upgrade for my sites.  The my sites really get a new look and feel… this is a good thing… really!  Also be aware the Project Web Access as applicable doesn’t support visual upgrade (related to Project 2007 on SharePoint 2007 farm).  I think most people didn’t customize this.

3. Side by Side Installation/Gradual Upgrade – No install of both binaries on the system, but you’ll be pleased that SharePoint 2010 ships with both 2007 and 2010 UI

4. SSP Admin UI – Any work you did on either the SSP Admin Site Collection or the Central Admin site has changed. 

5. Central Admin – Admin task list and other lists that you might have created… You should move this to another site collection prior to upgrade.

6. Reporting Server webparts – New Design.  Should work with an in place upgrade.

7. Deprecated Template – SSP Admin Site

8. Deprecated Template Great Plains (STSPKPL) – Template in 2003 plus pack.  Use the Great Plains Integration Manager for richer SharePoint Integration with GP.

9. Features – PortalLayouts (Legacy)

10. Missing Assemblies – Web parts (STSPKPL) – This was also the case for 2003 to 2007.  Shouldn’t be very common.

If you were at the SharePoint Conference, there was a session on Upgrading Code to SharePoint 2010 as well Sean Livingston mentioned some of this in his advanced upgrade


Let me know if I’m missing anything…

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