SharePoint Cartoons a Great Relief

As the world of SharePoint grows so do the characters and personalities in the game.  A recent tweet from Dan Lewis, a great SharePointer that I met at SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach which included a reference to a SharePoint comic.  Little did I know he had a an series of them.  After reading ALL OF THEM and ROTFL and many LOLs… I was anxious to help him promote his work and volunteered to host a Cartoon if he’d make one for me.

Without further ado…

SharePoint Comics

by Dan Lewis


If you have been following me in the U.S. this past week you would be ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing.)  If not you’d wonder what’s so funny?  Last week I came back from a crazy 3 week tour across Florida, Europe, and even frickin (excuse my French) Egypt! (Egypt is awesome, I HIGHLY recommend it!)  As I was flying out of Luxor I was picking up my carry on which was filled with various granite carvings of Ramses and a god of protection for women and children at home, and threw out my back.  So while I was recovering I ended up doing a couple of my in person sessions, virtually… including Birmingham Alabama SharePoint User Group and Atlanta SharePoint Saturday.  I’m sure it was a surprise for those that were there to hear my voice.  Dan says it best in the cartoon above.

Here’s my “10 Steps to Successful Deployment” and “SharePoint Admin Fundamentals” decks if you were at either of those sessions.

Thanks again Dan!  Thanks for keeping us smiling. Keep it up!

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