SharePoint Server 2010 Naming is Official

Five important things to learn from the announcement this morning around the SharePoint branding and positioning.

1. SharePoint Server’s new name will be SharePoint Server 2010.  The word Office will be dropped, but the integration story only gets better.

2. MOSS as an acronym will no longer reflect the naming as Office will no longer be in the acronym and we shouldn’t use MSS as an acronym because of Microsoft Search Server.

3. WSS is still around, no new announcement around it’s naming.  Don’t make any inferences around it as a result of the naming with SharePoint Server 2010.

4. Office as a brand will no longer refer to server applications, but more clearly refer to client applications including the Office (the client), Office Web Applications and the mobile version of Office.

5. Exchange 2010 will ship this year outside of the Office launch and a beta is currently available.

More details on the SharePoint Team blog from Tom Rizzo

More details on the Chris Caposella Exchange 2010 announcement, and Office which will now refer to client applications link from the SharePoint Team blog.

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