I’m Speaking at SharePoint Conference New Zealand July

I love this Vanilla Ice reference:

Stop, Collaborate and Listen!

“SharePoint has rapidly become one of the most popular technology platforms for information workers through out New Zealand so it’s about time we all got together and shared our experiences and expertise as the community that we are.

This will be the New Zealand conference to learn about SharePoint 2007 with expert local and international speakers presenting on topics that will help you understand and succeed with your SharePoint implementations and add real value to your organization and businesses.

In addition to the session content you’ll have ample opportunities to network with your peers in the community and technical and industry experts including local and international Microsoft Most Valued Professionals and New Zealand’s top Certified Partners.

Don’t miss out on New Zealand’s biggest SharePoint event of the year! Come and join the excitement of the first dedicated SharePoint conference in New Zealand!”

I’ve committed to this group, and look forward to speaking at this amazing conference in Wellington on July 2nd and 3rd.

Register Today!

This event is sure to sell out so register early to secure your attendance.
Discounts are available for group books of 5 or more attendees. Details are on the Registration Page.

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Joel Oleson

I LOVE traveling our little planet. In my quest to visit every country in the world I've got about 35 UN countries left! I'm not just country hopping, but looking for the most immersive cultural experiences and capturing them as photos and videos. Yes, I'm also a geek. I've been recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director, a community leadership award. When not traveling, I'm in paradise in sunny southern California as I'm a Senior IT Manager at Blizzard Entertainment.

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