SharePoint Collaboration Governance Plan

I have been working with a number of people over the last few months to put together a plan that would really work for a company.  It essentially takes a number of classic examples, plus some best practices and runs through what I (and Paul Culmsee) like to call the choose your own adventure of SharePoint.

This Collaboration Governance plan is the essentials of coming up with a service offering that’s focused on the idea of an SharePoint as collaboration.  Now of course there are a ton of scenarios in which you CAN deploy SharePoint, and this plan takes one in a single direction.  It takes that adventure book and actually chooses a bunch of things from global deployment choices, to quotas, templates and so on.

Kudos to John Ross and Jennifer Mason who helped me see the sections that I was missing, and Paul Culmsee who has a knack for seeing how things should be organized.

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Just published to TechNet:

1. SharePoint Collaboration Governance Plan (22 Page Word Document)


What’s Next????

2. SharePoint Intranet Portal Governance Plan

3 SharePoint Hosting Plan (IT as a 3 tiered service)


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