101+ SharePoint People to Follow on Twitter

image<Updated 12/16 12:30PM Version 1.1> –  I’ve been wanting to compile a list of 100 SharePoint People to follow on Twitter and was hoping to have a statistical way of providing you the best or most influential SharePoint twitter people.  Instead,  I’ll give you my list and tell you that I think this represents a good 80% of the core stuff, while there is likely a bunch I’m missing I hope to extend the list and even have a scientific method of compiling a list in the future.  Note I did purposely leave off people who have left SharePoint (sorry LLiu), and those who haven’t tweeted in months or only tweeted a couple of times (with the exception of a couple of Asian SharePoint MVPs at the bottom of the list as Asia isn’t well represented).  I also gave preferential treatment to those who actually had pictures.  I think this list is a good mix of community, strong SharePoint Twitter people, and MVPs who have tried to contribute to SharePoint on Twitter.

Why Twitter?  I answered this question in a previous blog in how I see business value in Twitter and another on 10 steps to successful microblogging (with twitter and friendfeed, etc…).  You can even get a video view into what my tweetdeck looks like in a recent podcast having fun with SharePoint in Tweetdeck.

In my attempts at finding an easy solution to help us sort out the more influential tweeters, I found some interesting tools such as http://www.Tweetstats.com, Twitter Grader and Twinflluence (which has real promise with a rich API) TwitterCounter is a nice one for your blog, and TweetBurner tracks the links you share.  I’m now using http://www.twitterless.com/joeloleson but my experience is early in this beta.

One I came past does show a simple counter for most followed like a virtual league TwitterLeague.com after I make sure I have those that care to be in this list, I can do a quick pass with that app to do more of a stack rank.  Shown above on the left.  Followers alone don’t show the power of influence like twinfluence shows, but # of followers does represent a significant following and in our field can show the relative influence of a microblogger.

<updated> If you are looking for a rank order of SharePoint Community People by Rank from Twitterleague.com (no big buckets or service).

In no particular order, here are some SharePoint People on Twitter that are great to follow.  (Note this is based on my experience on Twitter.)


  1. gannotti – Mike Gannotti – King of Community, restless blogger and podcaster
  2. andrewconnell – Andrew Connell one of our beloved and Top SharePoint Bloggers.  He Teaches, he speaks and he brings the community together.
  3. joeloleson – hey that’s Me! – Why #3? Just Because
  4. SPDevWiki / jthake – Jeremy Thake One of the SharePoint Twitter Leaders.  I think I see Jeremy out there and responding more than anyone.
  5. lespaulrob – SharePoint MVP – also of SharePoint Pod Show! 
  6. 21apps – Andrew Woodward SharePoint MVP
  7. bfox11b – Bob Fox!  Need I say more?  NY, NJ User Groups, ISPA Man. Fountain of Knowledge…
  8. themit – Renaud Comte SharePoint MVP
  9. jmedero – SharePoint MVP
  10. chandimak – SharePoint MVP – One of the kings of SharePoint Community South of the Equator
  11. eshupps – Eric Shupps – SharePoint MVP – The SharePoint Cowboy
  12. harbars – Spence Harbar (Edinburg) is the true SharePoint Architect.  The IT guy at heart that can make a Dev look like a beginner.
  13. toddkitta – Todd Kitta SharePoint Dev
  14. nickswan – SharePoint Nick – SharePoint MVP – SharePoint Pod Show!
  15. ToddKlindt – SharePoint IT MVP
  16. Chris_Hougardy
  17. woodywindy Woody Windischman
  18. pagalvin – Paul Galvin SharePoint MVP
  19. danmc Daniel McPherson – Awesome SharePoint Insights.  Awesome Blogger.
  20. jdattis J. Dan Attis
  21. rickyspears – SharePoint Author and Solutions Architect
  22. bsimser – Bil Simser
  23. seanodmvp – Sean O’Driscoll
  24. JDWade – JD was really helpful when I first got on Twitter.
  25. amandamurphy – SharePoint Design Queen. 
  26. mikefitz – Key SharePoint Evangelist (Looks great in a Kilt)
  27. sharepointdev Randall Isenhour– Our MSDN SDK SharePoint Dev Tech writing Lead
  28. emilysc – Emily Schroeder Our TechNet SharePoint Team Connection
  29. spdustin – Dustin Miller – SharePoint MVP – Owner, Instructor, Speaker SharePoint Experts
  30. amirmehrani – Amir Mehrani
  31. meetdux – Our new SharePoint Project Management Guru
  32. DavidWalker – David Walker
  33. pjcov – Penny Coventry – Great whitepapers and courseware
  34. robinmeure – Great insights.  Great Consultant. Cool blog too. Amsterdam
  35. mysharepoint – Michael Greth – SharePoint MVP Germany
  36. owenallen – Microsoft SharePoint Team, ISV man.  Great guy to follow.
  37. MossLover – SharePoint community advocate and blogger
  38. SharePointMag/ arnonel – Arno Nel SharePoint MVP
  39. jantielens – Jan Tielens – SharePoint MVP, Belgium
  40. brendonschwartz – SharePoint MVP
  41. natalyvo – Natalya – SharePoint Squirrel Blogger, SharePoint MVP
  42. ShanesCows – Shane Young – SharePoint IT MVP (let’s help him figure this out!)
  43.   sharepointbuzz/kkhipple – Kanwal has been doing the SharePoint community a service, by retweeting our blogs, and subtling adding his own content.  He also is actively answering people’s SharePoint questions.
  44. muhanado – Mo! SharePoint MVP, My favorite SharePoint Middle East Connection.
  45. EricaToelle – SharePoint Community Twitterer
  46. mattgroves
  47. Sharepointer – Asking some interesting community questions to drum up some #SharePoint activity
  48. hwaterman Heather Waterman – SharePoint Community Awesome Designer on Community EBE
  49. michaellotter – SharePoint Community guy and Speaker
  50. rprakashg – SharePoint Consultant and Community Advocate
  51. markarend – Microsoft SharePoint Consultant
  52. alpesh – Insightful SharePoint and Tech Blogger
  53. stacyDraper – SharePoint MVP
  54. danholme – SharePoint MVP – Great writer as well.
  55. jopxtwits – SharePoint MVP and blogger (Podcasting kit)
  56. brettlonsdale – Brett Lonsdale – BDC Guru
  57. laflour – Michael Nemtsev – MS MVP Web Developer / SharePoint Consultant
  58. helloitsliam
  59. usher
  60. AaronSaikovski2
  61. sharepointing Steve Walker (MCS)
  62. davidliv – SharePoint BI Guy
  63. themossman- Randy Drisgill (SharePoint Branding)
  64. kalsing – Solutions Architect in Brisbane
  65. SharePointSher Sherry Neal – SharePoint all day long (Germany)
  66. spietrek – Steve Pietrek – SharePoint Dev Ohio
  67. cglessner – IloveSharePoint Blog.  Cool Powershell SharePoint integration stuff.
  68. asifrehmani – SharePoint MVP and Screencaster
  69. resing
  70. Xytrex – Jamie Sloan – SharePoint Community Microsoft
  71. SharePoint411
  72. scotts Scott Spradlin – SharePoint Custom Dev
  73. PirateEric – SharePoint guy
  74. ferringer – John Ferringer SharePoint Architect Indianapolis
  75. Default_profile_bigger paulculmsee
  76. brandsharepoint
  77. John_LeBlanc
  78. d2design Edwin – Belgium (SharePoint Software Architect)
  79. jshuey – Jeff Shuey previous of K2 – Really Knows BPM
  80. CodeJedi – William Cornwill – SharePoint and .NET Dev
  81. GrumpyWookie Chris OConnor
  82. paulschaeflein – SharePoint Dev
  83. danlarson – SharePoint MVP Developer
  84. orijin Philippe Sentenac – SharePoint Blogger
  85. EROL_MVP – SharePoint MVP France
  86. tomconte – SharePoint Product Specialist (France/Some French Tweets)
  87. AliSanaei – SharePoint Consultant
  88. richfinn
  89. sezai
  90. AndreaKalli – SharePoint and Office Podcaster
  91. jefferydalton
  92. BrianFarnhill
  93. AaronCutlip
  94. jdeverter
  95. DougWare
  96. rbair
  97. ritmeijer
  98. gregkamer
  99. susanlennon – SharePoint Community Leader – SharePoint Saturday
  100. erickraus
  101. cjregan
  102. Default_profile_bigger bishopd

Auto SharePoint Twitterfeeds:

  1. SharePoint – Blogs from the SharePoint Team Blog
  2. SharePointMVPs – Partial list of SharePoint MVP blog post title tweets
  3. SPtweeters
  4. zevenseas – Collection of SharePoint Blog Feeds from zevenseas


Other SharePoint MVPs to watch/follow as they figure out the twitterverse…

Default_profile_bigger garybushey

Stephen Cummins (secure)

Default_profile_bigger ssofian – Steve Sofian – SharePoint MVP (Singapore)

Default_profile_bigger kitkai – Kit Kai – SharePoint MVP (Singapore)


Default_profile_bigger jholliday John Holliday (I think he likes to try things once 🙂 Nice podcast.)
toddbleeker – Come on you create a profile and not a single tweet?


Default_profile_bigger shaneperran

Default_profile_bigger TonyBierman

Upcoming Conference Twitter accountst



Default_profile_bigger spsaturday


Secure SharePoint Tweeters:

Jonathan Kauffman – Search GPM Still waiting for him to accept my following.

KKRSeattle – Kristian Rickard Enterprise Search,  (secure) Fast GPM

erobillard (Secure) Eli Robbilard – SharePoint MVP (Toronto)


SharePoint PMs that really LOVE SharePoint and fly under the radar on twitter.  We may not want to randomize them as they are working on 14, but I hope to see them get more active as it gets more public.  I see a few of these guys are fairly open about who they are in their profiles.

LoungeFlyZ Chris Johnson – PM Dev experience
zorbadgreek  George Perantatos – SharePoint & Office Labs

umeshunni Umesh Unnikrishnan  – PM Services

tylerbutler Tyler Butler – PM Content Management/Content Deployment

MisterMorrill – Kevin Morrill – PM Social Features


Not enough people to follow?

This list is not complete, and is really pretty random based on my own experiences and really based on one night of walking through recent conversations and tweeting experiences I’ve had.

There are some apps to help you expand your circle:

http://www.Twollow.com – This wild app will help you add people fast based on terms they use in their tweets

Twubble – This app will make recommendations for friends based on your current friends (doesn’t scale if you have thousands of friends)

http://search.twitter.com/advanced Search has gotten better on Twitter, but it feels burried at times.  People search in some ways seems worse to me.

TweetDeck – This is my favorite app for following twitter.  The web UI is really pretty weak.


By the way, feel free to put your name and number of followers in the comments and why you think you should be listed here.

I welcome your feedback. 

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