New and Updated SharePoint Management Tools and Quest Site Administrator 3.0

Wow, we’ve really got a healthy SharePoint Ecosystem…  This week Quest came out with an update to it’s SharePoint management suite with Quest Site Administrator 3.0.  Which addresses a number of pain points that customers have spoken to Quest about. 

New features include:

Security Explorer – allows the user to search for and modify security on SharePoint servers. This also includes group membership and permission levels management and ability to clone permissions from one user to another.

Permissions Report – Site Administrator for SharePoint comes with a Site Permission report which allows you to view the users and Active Directory groups having access to the site, document library or list, and their permission levels.

I’ve been here at Quest for less than 2 weeks and I’m already impressed by the amount of competition in both the migration, webpart, and management/administration space in the SharePoint ISV partner ecosystem.  I knew there were a lot of players, but having discussions with the teams it is very apparent how often tools for migration come up as well.  Migration continues to be a hot topic as companies try to consolidate their environments and reduce legacy dependencies in an effort to be more agile and compliant.

Other New and Updated Tools

There’s a new version of BDC Meta Man (24th Nov)

I also saw that AvePoint with an announcement of AvePoint Docave 5.1 a significant incremental update from their release in September with 5.0 adding additional migration support, permissions web part that shows permissions in a unique way, and granular restores from SQL.

So what’s the tally up to now with Management tools? has a good list.

Another tool that should useful in deployment is the newly announced TypeMock Isolator for SharePoint, a product designed for unit testing of SharePoint.  Sounds compelling.  They even built in some incentive (free license) for bloggers to blog about their product in a specific way.  (I’m not doing it right). 🙂


As a side note with my employment at Quest, I’ve decided to minimize the amount of blogging I do about Quest specifically and setup a Quest team blog and product blogs.  It’s a project I’ll be pushing for over the next couple of months.  I want to continue to have a fair and balanced blog.

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