Announcing… The SharePoint Brain Podcast

I spent some time recently discovering all that’s been done in the podcast world of SharePoint.  After being disappointed by what I found, not totally, just was hoping to see more… I actually think that Mike Gannotti and the SharePoint Pod Show have put up a high bar.  I decided that it would be fun to start sharing my thoughts not just through this blog but through the multi media world of audio and video.  People already see me at shows, and I guess I do well enough people come back for more :)…

So after getting some encouragement I took the plunge.  You can see my instructions for How to setup a Podcast in 5 Easy Steps (including the iTunes and Zune marketplace bit), which essentially describes my experience as I did it.

I decided I wanted to have some content before pushing my podcast out to the world, so essentially I took the recordings from my recent webinar and converted the audio to MP3 and plugged it in.

You’ll see at least 7 posts:

This for me was really an investigation into podcasting.  I plan to be much more shooting from the hip to bring you what I’m thinking and what I hear.  I also hope to include special interviews and content from conferences.

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Add to iTunes

You can subscribe with iTunes (put this address in your address bar): itpc://


Coming soon to a Zune Marketplace near you!

Add this to your address bar:





Subscribing in Bloglines beta is very slick with built in controls for audio including buffering.  The audio started in a few seconds.


iTunes and Zune Market place will soon see a new addition if all went according to plan…




Feedburner is setup for the new podcast at


I also set up so you can follow me and get notifications on new podcasts for The SharePoint Brain Podcast.

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