Dispelling Myths of Email Archiving and Email Management with SharePoint

In the past couple of years since SharePoint has really solidified its position in the enterprise, and more and more assets look like they could be consolidated to the platform… E-mail archiving to SharePoint sounds attractive as a solid business proposition.  Before you throw caution into the wind and do something you may regret, let me share with you some answers to some of the Myths that are out there and provide some real best practices and truths… 

There are some features, such as email enabled lists, managed folders in Exchange which can point to SharePoint, but before you enable them, you need to know both sides of the story.

In a free online Webinar accessible from virtually anywhere with decent bandwidth, I will drill into these 5 Questions that will help you debunk these myths.

    • Why Use SharePoint to Manage Email?
    • Are Public Folders Dead?
    • Will Managed Folders Solve Your Archiving Needs?
    • What Should You Know About SharePoint List Scalability?
    • How Should You Use & Control Email-Enabled Lists?

    Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 11:00 AM EST

    Joel Oleson, SharePoint Sr. Architect & Consultant
    Barry Jinks, President & CEO, Colligo Networks Inc.

    Windows IT Pro and Office & SharePoint Pro

    Register online HERE

    My session will be followed by Barry Jinks, CEO of Colligo, who will drill further into metadata management and additional archiving techniques.

    More details below from the flyer… 



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