TechEd South East Asia is going to Rock!

I had a great time at TechEd US in Orlando.  WOW it was awesome!  The sessions were great, the venue wasn’t bad (Go Disney/Universal/SeaWorld etc…), but the social experience was tough to beat.  Obviously it’s better when we can combine the IT Pro and Dev audience.
TechEd South East Asia for parties is THE best!  Last year I found a few MVPs to hang with that knew the best places to go.  KL is very alive at night.  Last year’s attendees party we were at a top club of Malaysia and we had Malaysian idol.  They had models, pictures, awesome music, and games.  Everyone had a great time.
Where else can you combine great technical sessions for cheap, awesome social environment with people from all over asia and only the best from corp, plus the best of the best repeat speakers that know how to have fun.  Then add on a firefly tour, and Elephant reserve where you can feed the elephants and ride one into a river!  Not in the US! The very cheap Tours are unique, I blogged about a few of them last year while Europe has become prohibitive in cost.  Malaysia and South East Asia has continued to be a great place to visit from around the globe. 
I put together a couple Youtube videos from my South East Asia experience and me with monkey on my head.
Of course you’ll likely go for the rich technical sessions.  I’ve got 3…
SharePoint High Availability, Backup/Restore and Disaster recovery
The most frequently asked question of a SharePoint Administrator is how do I backup my farm, and then what do I do for high availability and disaster  recovery.  This common, but often complex question will be broken down with the best practices and lessons learned.

SharePoint Governance: Chaos No More, 10 Steps to Success
The chasm between business and IT can be breached with SharePoint.  These 10 key steps to successful SharePoint deployments will help you bridge that gap and help you utilize the full power of SharePoint and without it… it’s chaos.

STSADM – Automating SharePoint Administration
STSADM is the hidden path to simplify and automate SharePoint Administration.  There are many properties and commands that are only accessible to the command line interface.  This session will provide examples and tips for using the power of STSADM and demonstrating how it can simplify your life.
See you there!


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