We have a number of exciting opportunities to work with you in your Go To Market efforts and in reaching out to the community for awareness of your product or solution.

  • Expert SharePoint & Office 365 Webinars – Join Joel Oleson, top influencer in a joint webinar that informs and educates your potential customers and provides an opportunity to demo your product or solution.
  • Infographics with Social Sharing, Social Media Marketing – from concept to design and social marketing you will be pleased to see the creative process come together to build content designed to entice and generate contacts and leads through social media marketing with informative and enticing infographics.
  • 5 Minute Power Video Demos – Editing and Publishing to Youtube and blog.  Your technical expert demos your product and Joel captures the demo and edits it into a powerful 5 minute video with zoom in and call outs.
  • Product Overview/Announcements – Get the customers what want a powerful overview of your product with powerful screenshots shared via social media in an easy to consume blog post.  Help your customers understand the gaps and the most important aspect of your solution in an easy to understand in Joel’s own words featuring his thoughts on the gaps and challenges.

Heather Newman  CMO|Co-Founder, Content Panda.   “I consider the day Joel posted the blog, the day we launched our product.  He really helped us get our first customer.”


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