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SharePoint Community Launch in Morocco in Casablanca and SharePoint Days

New Community launch in Casablanca Morocco

SharePoint Colombia, Bolivia and Peru Community Recap

SharePoint Peru

Wonderful time with Community in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia.

SharePoint Community Baku Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan SharePoint Community

In my travel quest and quest to build communities around the world and reach out the underserved emerging markets and help connect communities with our global community I visited Baku Azerbaijan.  Where is that you might ask?   Well, it’s on the Caspian sea…… Continue Reading “SharePoint Community Baku Azerbaijan”

SharePoint Community ALS Icebucket Challenge… What’s all the Fuss about?


SharePoint Community Challenge for defeating ALS – it’s Cold!

SharePoint Uzbekistan Community Launch and SharePoint Saturday

SharePoint Uzbekistan

The global SharePoint community just grew that much stronger with an amazing launch of a community in Tashkent Uzbekistan.