10 Things You Didn’t Know About Office Mobile 2013

imageMany may think that the new Office Mobile App for iPhone as something they don’t need or care for.  When combined with the SharePoint Newsfeed app it can actually be quite powerful for making those little tweaks to documents and be a real time saver.

Here are a list of 10 Thing you didn’t know about Office 2013 that share some of those key scenarios.

1. Office Mobile supports multi user editing with other desktop users.

2. Without Office Mobile, on an iPhone the Office Web Apps are view only.  With Office Web Apps you can actually edit word, powerpoint, and excel files.

3. PowerPoint Mobile supports editing text only and does not support creating new decks, while both Excel and Word do, in fact they both include templates.

4. There’s some real powerful functions in Excel Mobile that are available by clicking the Fx button.

5. Excel Mobile supports creating new Charts on iPhone something not currently available on Office Hub in Windows Phone.

6. Word Mobile doesn’t have a button to create bullets, but if you want to create a bulleted list simply start with the word template that provides an outline and you’ll have bullets and a great outline to start from.

7. Been wanting to try Office Mobile but don’t have Office 365?  It is free, but you need a Office 365 subscription to install Office Mobile, it’s a one time verification prior to download. If you create a trial of Office 365 for that verification step, you could then point at SharePoint 2013 on premise or your Skydrive.  Refer to the license for ongoing use.

8. Office Mobile is currently only available in the US, but it will be available more globally in the near future including support for the SharePoint installation languages.

9. You can compare Office Mobile for iPhone to Office Hub in WIndows Phone, but interesting enough, many are finding Office Mobile has a little better UI and a couple of features that Windows Phone doesn’t have.

10. A powerful combination is to install SharePoint Newsfeed and use the follow function.  This will make it easy to track documents. Then go to Documents you Follow and simply click the action button and open in Office Mobile.  It can simplify the navigation that would otherwise be needed and keeps those documents you care about within reach.

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